Workers at the Fort Jackson, Louisiana International Bird Rescue Research Center attempt to clean a Pelican.

Workers at the Fort Jackson, Louisiana International Bird Rescue Research Center attempt to clean a Pelican.

The Federal Government opens a criminal inquiry into the B.P. oil disaster. The Supreme Court on the right to remain silent. And the White House says it did not offer a job to a Colorado senate candidate. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week’s top national news stories.


  • John King anchor of CNN's John King, USA, and chief national correspondent.
  • John Dickerson chief political correspondent for and CBS political analyst and contributor. Author of "On Her Trail: My Mother, Nancy Dickerson, TV News' First Woman Star."
  • Karen Tumulty national political reporter, "The Washington Post."

Friday News Roundup Video

The panelists discuss the criminal and civil investigations Attorney General Eric Holder opened this week into BP’s handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. CNN’s John King said there are essentially two main questions in the investigation: Whether BP had the necessary tools on hand and procedures in place to shut off the flow of oil after the Deep Water Horizon rig exploded, and whether the company ignored warning signs immediately before the explosion:

New jobs numbers released by the Labor Department today showed an increase of more than 400,000 jobs during May (representing the biggest monthly increase in a decade), but the majority were government positions. The panelists explore what the slow growth in jobs may mean for the Democrats in the November elections:

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