The Catholic Church and the Child Sexual Abuse Scandal

 - Flickr user andre.ballensiefen

Flickr user andre.ballensiefen

The Catholic Church and the Child Sexual Abuse Scandal

The Roman Catholic Church responds to child-sexual abuse scandals in Europe.

Some say Pope Benedict’s letter of apology for child-sexual abuse by priests in Ireland did not go far enough. Addressing scandals shaking the Roman Catholic Church across Europe.


Joseph Bottum

Editor of First Things, the nation’s largest magazine of religion and public life. He is a commentator on Catholic Affairs.

Rev. Thomas Doyle

Canon lawyer, addiction therapist and advisory to abuse victims. He worked in the Vatican's U.S. embassy from 1981-1986.

David Gibson

Covers religion for Politics Daily. He is the author of "The Rule of Benedict: Pope Benedict XVI and His Battle with the Modern World."

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