Tuesday, Sep 23 10 a.m. (ET)

Patriot Act

Attorney General John Ashcroft is speaking out in several states to boost support for the Patriot Act. He’s also pressing for an expanded version of the legislation. Diane and her guests talk about what the administration wants and...

Tuesday, Sep 23 11 a.m. (ET)

Saira Shah: “The Storyteller’s Daughter” (Knopf)

Film maker and reporter Saira Shah is the English born daughter of an exiled Afghan aristocrat. In a new memoir she recounts her struggle to reconcile her family's dazzling stories with the brutal realities of modern Afghanistan.

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A Special Readers’ Review: Why Fiction Matters (Rebroadcast)

Friday, Dec 26 2014A special March Readers' Review: Diane and her guests discuss why fiction matters. A recent study indicates that fewer than half of all Americans are reading novels today. It suggests that those who do read fiction are better able to understand the emotions of others. A conversation about the social and personal benefits of reading fiction.

Matt Richtel: “A Deadly Wandering” (Rebroadcast)

Friday, Dec 26 2014A conversation with a Pulitzer-prize winning New York Times journalist on his book about one of the first known cases of a deadly car accident caused by someone who was texting while driving. In 2006, an ordinary Utah college student killed two rocket scientists while texting and driving along a highway bordering the Rocky Mountains. An examination of the case and an exploration of the latest scientific findings on the impact technology has on attention and focus.